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Your idiopathic neuropathy may be due to insulin resistance.

Your idiopathic neuropathy may be due to insulin resistance.

Insulin resistance precedes diabetes. However even before the diagnosis of diabetes, insulin resistance can cause neuropathy nerve damage.

Your pancreas makes insulin. Insulin’s job is to push blood sugar into your cells for the cells to use as energy. The term insulin resistance means that your cells can’t take in the sugar.

Early signs of insulin resistance are:

  • blood pressure trending higher
  • cholesterol going up
  • the most telling sign is your waist circumference getting larger

Here is why that happens:

When your blood sugar rises,  your pancreas keeps pumping out more insulin trying to force the sugar into the cells. Insulin also tells your body to store the extra blood sugar as fat so you gain weight.

The increased blood sugar leads to the nerve damage of neuropathy, and blood vessel damage that affects the eyes and kidneys.

How to avoid insulin resistance

You can avoid insulin resistance by paying attention to what you eat. Specifically, by eating low glycemic index foods.

High glycemic index foods increase your blood sugar. These foods include grains, potatoes, starchy vegetables, fruits and anything made with sugar and/or flour. Eating less of these foods eases insulin resistance.

Eating more of the low glycemic index foods means your blood sugar rises more slowly and keeps from stressing your pancreas so it doesn’t pump out too much insulin. Low glycemic index foods are foods like salad greens and veggies and proteins.

Protein foods are meat, fish, chicken, beans, eggs, nuts and dairy products like yogurt and cheese. All meats are a low glycemic index food.

So to control your blood sugar, and have healthier nerves, limit your carbohydrates and have proteins with your meals and snacks along with your fruits and vegetables.

If you are still having difficulties balancing your blood sugar, we offer specialized nutritional information and supplements to help blood sugar balance. We also have supplements to help break carb and sugar cravings for those who need them.

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