Amigo Super Fruits
Amigo Super Fruits
Amigo Super Fruits
Amigo Super Fruits

Amigo Super Fruits

Amigo Super Fruits

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With this proprietary blend of all three major super-fruits you get 3 times more potency, for a fraction of the price.

Acai berry may help:
  • lower cholesterol
  • boost brain function
  • fight free radical damage.
Mangosteen pericarp benefits may include:
  • boosting immune system
  • maintain healthy skin
  • weight management and more.
Acai berry has been used by Chinese herbalists to help:
  • eyesight
  • protect the liver
  • boost immune function
  • promote longevity.

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Charles Vitelli, MD
Retired Surgical Oncology Specialist, - Graduate of Johns Hopkins University
I have researched each ingredient in Body Reset and I have utilized the product for about 6 days and have noted a considerable reduction in knee pain as well as more energy.
Kerri F.
High School Athlete
I am very active in sports and have found that I have much more energy and that my recovery time has been reduced by 50 percent.
Kevin Frost
Owner - Phan & Frost Trucking
I have been using this product for about a month and I am pleased to report that the neuropathy in my feet is all but gone, I have lost weight and I have much more energy as well. Thanks, Body Reset!