Affiliate Compensation

Affiliate Compensation

Affiliate Compensation

You are about to join a dynamic group of individuals who are dedicated to improving their health and that of their family and friends while taking steps to improve their personal and financial well-being. Along the way, we will have a great time together and you will grow in ways you've probably never imagined. What follows are the rules of the road for your independent affiliate business. By abiding by the letter and spirit of the rules, your business will stay on the right track.

We Love our Customers!

We want the customer to have an exceptional online buying experience as any customer would expect, with no pressure about a business opportunity. When a new customer visits https// and purchases products, they will register as a customer. This will give them a password-protected account to view/track/modify their orders. Customers will get Free Shipping on any order over $100.

We Love our Affiliates too!

A customer can upgrade to an Affiliate at any time by completing the online Affiliate Academy Training.
REQUIREMENTS: The affiliate must have placed an order in the last 30 days, and purchased the $200 academy training ($100 annual renewal fee). An affiliate will receive 60 single-serving Body Reset packets ($178.80 value) to share with their friends and family. Complete the online video training tutorials. This training will prepare them to sponsor and mentor new affiliates they refer.
AFFILIATE MENTOR BONUS: The qualified Affiliate receives 50% of the Academy Fee and 50% of the Academy renewal fee of each new Affiliate they refer to Qual Life as compensation for their commitment to Mentor that new affiliate to achieve success.
AFFILIATE QUALIFICATION: An order in the last 30 days, and has completed the online Academy will receive a commission as follows:


Get what you want, NO pressure.

Excellent customer service and support.

We focus on your health and wellness.

Upgrade/Modify/Cancel any time you choose.



Level 1 30% of product orders

Level 2 10% of product orders

Level 3 10% of product orders

Level 4 10% of product orders

Level 5 10% of product orders



You placed an order in the last 30 days.

Enrolled in the Affiliate Academy.

Excellent affiliate service and support.

Get paid on 5 Levels of referrals.

Get paid for Mentoring Affiliates.


Affiliate Enrollment


Affiliate Tracking


How to use your affiliate links

Your affiliate business starts with you. There are no commissions paid on your personal orders.
  1.  Unparalleled company support.
  2.  A personal Mentor to help you succeed.
  3.  Academy training videos.
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