Affiliate Academy

Academy training

Success through Training

The Academy provides insights into representing the Qual Life Brand effectively on social media platforms, and to your contact base.

Knowledge and Education

The Academy provides in-depth knowledge of the ingredients found in our Qual Life products. It is better to know how and why something is working. This knowledge also mandates the importance of preventing false claims or inaccurate information from being presented to a potential customer.

You are not alone

New academy affiliates are paired with a mentor who has a vested interest in your success. The power of two creates a fast track to the power of many.
Our Culture

Our Culture

The Academy training reinforces our corporate mission of placing the health and wellness of our customers above all else. Care when you share! and the goodwill you create will have an everlasting impact on you and the lives you touch.


Leadership with Integrity

The Academy tutorials provide leadership skills that inspire fellowship and trust with a call to action. People choose to follow a leader, a manager mentality will only stall your growth.

Living Example

Be a Living Example

The knowledge you gain from the Academy training will transform your own health and state of wellness. Be a product of the product. Gain your own authentic experience by using the Qual Life products which you can share with others.


Understanding how you get paid. 


How to enroll as an Afilliate. 


How the system tracks your orders.