"Something Old" & "Something New"

What's OLD? Our strategic relationship with Natural Health Labs Inc. providing our physician grade formulas manufacturer direct, with a proven history spanning two decades. Well maybe that's NEW because even though we are founded and backed by a very old company, QualLife holds all the exciting promise of a startup without the risks.

This startup still may not be for the "faint of heart". Over the next few days more products will be added, more content for education and training and further enhancements to the site. Granted the founding members enrolling now will obviously benefit greatly from our (Compensation Plan), however they also have an incredible mission ahead with incredible financial rewards.

You can never be too Rich or too Thin

Wallis Simpson, the Duchess of Windor was famous for saying "You can never be too rich or too thin."  Here at QualLife, we promote both healthy weight loss and healthy weight management.  January is typically the beginning of what is called "Diet Season" in the supplement industry. Each year millions of people resolve to get in shape and lose a few pounds. Most fail because they lack the right tools for success. Our Slenda shakes are an entirely new approach to healthy weight loss.

Slenda Shakes were originally formulated for physicians who were treating clinically obese patients. The crucial difference between Slenda and other meal relacement shakes is the clinically proven extract that curbs hunger for up to three hours. Follow our simple diet protocol that comes with your Slenda shakes and lose weight without being hungry.